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Inspiration, Art, Psychology
Welcome to ABC-journeys - a playful, philosophical place where we can  celebrate life one letter at a time! There is 52 weeks in the year, and 26 letter in the alphabet. This means we can  'work' with one letter twice a year.
To inspire this journey, each letter will be represented by a paperdoll to give a refreshing twist on the ABC. She will have a 'session' with our in-house psychologist, share her musings, and challenge you to play/work with a word a day. 
You can follow our girl on facebook(paperdolls) for a new outfit and daily directive every day!  We endevour to inspire you to think more brilliantly and laugh more often.
On your ABC-journey, you'll be invited to live more colourful thoughts and be reminded of the wonder of who you are. 

Virginia Trooper - If we can open your mind to laughter, we can slip in a little information


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