ABC Journey
Welcome to P - week

From the couch

What is your pilgrimage today? But to the centre of your heart. Look at how you can take a pilgrimage which is adopting an attitude of reverence as you engage in a sacred quest. This quest tis to live from the spiritual self that is  open and prosperous in now. Embrace a sense of Now as we have discussed under the letter N for it is at this precise moment that you are poised to plummet into the  perfect proportion that is your life.  As the Master has said, what gains it a person to gain the world if they lose their soul? You are the product of divine  substance, believe it. This might appear to be rather prosaic but think about it. Let go of the burdens that are hindering you divine pilgrimage into the interior of your own mind and heart.

Onto the page

Quote for the week
Positive thinking:  Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

Questions and Reflections:  Writing your believe system (part 1)
The purpose of writing out your beliefs is to literally collect your thoughts. Over the next couple of weeks, we will provide questions to help. Write everything that comes to mind when you read the question...

.  Who am I?
.  Am I what I do or am I something beyond what I do?
.  How do I know who I am?

Writing prompts:
I am  ......
I believe….
Other people tells me, I am ...

Into the day


Write a letter to yourself, highlighting everything you like about yourself.
Write another letter to yourself, this time highlighting the things you don't like about yourself.
Make a list of the people who are important to you (don't forget to include yourself!)