ABC Journey
Welcome to T - week

From the couch
We will look at transformation today. This is the theme that will follow us this  week.  So ask yourself what needs to be transformed in your life? How do you open yourself up to a transformative experience as these are usually rather spontaneous and cannot be forced. Yes, you can propel the process by taking some psychoactive mind altering substance but you run the risk of a perpetual life of terror as a psychosis might be unlocked. Ye you can go stark raving mad.  No, we look to natural tampering’s and tinkering of the psyche. Psyche is always subtle and teasing. She is tantalizing and wants you to follow through with your own experience to build on and not some  induced falsehood. You have had enough negative messages that your ego needs to throw off. The twin word today is taste. What can you taste that will be different. It might be that nothing changes but that all you have to do is pay attention to what you are doing. Here is where you can taste life. So taste can either be a verb or a noun.

Onto the page

Quote for the week
Of all the five senses, 'taste' is the one most closely associated with fine discrimination, hence the familiar secondary uses of words for 'taste, good taste' with reference to aesthetic appreciation. [Buck]
    Taste is active, deciding, choosing, changing, arranging, etc.; sensibility is passive, the power to feel, susceptibility of impression, as from the beautiful. [Century Dictionary]

Questions and Reflections:  Writing your believe system (part 5)

.  What is money? Where does my money come from?
.  Where does it go? Do I have enough money?
.  What would I do if I had enough money? How much would be enough?
.  What does it mean to be content?

Writing prompts:
I feel transformed as I take the time to listen to the triggers that is talking right now.
I treasure my tantalising side, and turn into Her tune today
I am taking my thoughts off the thorny issues of this day.

Into the day


Listen to Tequila Moon by Jessy J on YouTube.  
Make a tequila and describe what you taste.
A tantalizing date? Time to titivate?