What is it all about?

I am an artist and passionate journaler;  My husband is a clinical psychologist, and together we have started on a ABC journey. A journey that has become a way of life. A journey of amazing inspiration and wonder. A journey that celebrate all our senses. 
Why should you embarking on our journey?
You are frustrated with the same old same old and yet do not know how to get out of the rut. You are that hamster that is on the wheel going no-where. Yet you feel the need to be else-where. Self-help books have lost their way and you are disillusioned with your therapist who wants you to fit in. You need to correct your thinking and deny that what you feel, and think is real.
Where does the paper dolls fit in? Well, one of the 'new' things we re discovered about ourselves, is our 'multiple selves' and what better way to 'connect' with them than by playing them out!.
This week is  T  -week - (follow me on facebook to get a daily dose of paperdoll magic):   Tiana   is our girl  for the week..

From the couch:
It is now time for letter T to make an appearance.  Let’s tee off with a trip. T will take us to the world of transformation. Transform the form that is currently how you approach your life. It is time to look to the transcendent which is how you higher self would like to experience and interact with yourself and others.  It can be something terrible or even terrifying but take the step into a world of newness and transcend the hum drum of tediousness. I recommend that you read  The Tyger by William Blake. He is an old friend of the letters and  it is little wonder as he allowed his imagination to take off and roam. Another poem is that of TS Elliot in Lines for an old man (pg 95). The tiger in the tiger-pit Is not more irritable than I.
The whole of this enterprise is in opening to the transformative power of creativity and the imagination. If we look at the god and goddess we see Thor as one of the most powerful archetypes we deal with.