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From the couch

Pull up a chair

As the in-house psychologist I will be engaging in a dialogue with Bella this week. Let's see what we can share about the letter B. However lets put a quotation in first. Random, I know but apt. Be prepared to be bedazzled by Bella. 

Pretty JOY!
Sweet joy but two days old,
sweet joy call thee;
Thou dost smile.
I sing the while
sweet joy befall me.
- William Blake -

Chaise: This week starts with C and the word that will run through the whole week will be compassion.
Clara: Why this word?
Chaise: The reason for this is that it is a cornerstone word for a life lived with integrity and soul.
Clara:  What does this mean?
Chaise: You can only live an integrated and ethical life if you find it within yourself  to be compassionate, both to yourself and others.
Clara: Other words that come to mind in capturing this construct is radical acceptance and empathy.  Compassion is an all-encompassing concept which allows me to feel connected. 
Chaise: Yes! With compassion comes a deep acceptance of all that is. It  does not imply acceptance or condoning unacceptable behaviour. It implies seeing the big picture which takes context into consideration. We then don’t get lost in focusing only on the particular.
Clara: I see the gestalt, in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
Chaise: Precisely. We are going to have so much fun with this letter. I already have come up with the notion of cornucopia, a word for copiousness and abundance. Other words are captivating, creativity, and a whole lot more. Consult a dictionary to get an idea of the  creative flow that this letter conjures up. 
Clara: We are to move away from how we have been conditioned to think both about ourselves and the world we live in.
Chaise: The challenge will be to identify how you conform to what is expected of you and to take charge by deciding whether or not you want to be seen as a conformist. Together with compassion we will emphasize the idea of choice.
Clara: I have a choice  in whatever I do. I suppose that I cannot get away from this fact. This clearly implies that I have to take responsibility for my choices.
Chaise: Yes. You could reply by saying that you been conditioned by your past to conduct your life in a confined or constricted way. I challenge this view as you do have choice. You are choosing to do what you do. Once this is accepted, you will find that you can be more compassionate by understanding why you do what you do and choosing to change if this is found to be confining or constricting to the real flow of who you want to be and to live your life with agency.
Clara: I see how this letter brings a constructive edge to the conundrum that is essentially life. I will conjure up a different version of myself.  

Have a think about...

Congratulations, you have had a good nights sleep. Refreshed you can feel confident in the day ahead. What do you make of this word? It is a word that suggests a belief in yourself, and in your abilities. A synonym for confidence is assurance. Yes you feel sure about yourself and who you are. This can also lead into the notion of trust. You trust that who and what you are is all okay. A belief in oneself is not arrogant. We have been conditioned for far too long to think that we are only worth consideration if we meet the expectations others have of us. These are inevitably a projection of the other onto us. Yes we need to meet halfway to make society work, yet at the same time I call for recognition of my human condition. Confidence lies in naming when this does not take place and confidently saying, I choose not to buy into  your notion of me. Allow, me to convey to you, in conversation, who I am. I have something to say.  The other meaning of this word is to confide in someone. Here again, we encounter trust. To confide is to share and confess something to another, trusting that they will keep it to themselves. You can also confide in your journal. Here you reflect who you are in a manner that is safe and open. So, do you have the confidence  to confide?