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. Without the concept of growth we face stagnation. Look up the word in a dictionary  and you will be amazed at how many synonyms there are for this concept. We grow in maturity and grace.  There is a deep sense of    empowerment in this word. We hear of growing pains and growth is sometimes painful. Yet, it has to be embraced to be of any significant gain. Let us  grab onto this  concept with  gratitude as it suggests that nothing is static and that change is as inevitable as the days turn into night.  Even if your notion of growth are grandiose, allow them to be as this natural enthusiasm will be transformed by time and develop into a gentle sense of purpose that will  allow a glint in your eye.

Greta and the Garden chair.

As the in-house psychologist I am engaging in a dialogue with Greta this week. Let's see what we can share about the letter G. 

It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane.
Charles Lindburgh

Garden chair: We have the glorious letter G to  grapple with.
Greta: Yes, it is a glorious word as it conjures up images of Gaia for me. We have pillaged the earth and the Great Mother is now  responding.  Garden chair: The earth mother from whom all flow.
Greta: Her generosity has been grabbed and garrotted by greed.
Garden chair: In another tradition greed is a deadly sin. It generates great grasping after something that is insatiable.
Greta: Do you have some sort of a garden?
Garden chair: Yes I do. For me it is a place where I connect with the soil of the earth. This might or might not be your groove but hey, think of your soul as a garden.
Greta: What is your soul but that place of tending? We tend our gardens and we are obliged to tend our inner worlds as well.
Garden chair: This  letter calls for us to gamble with gumption. Try it. Let us approach Gee with gracious generosity  and gusto.  
Greta: By this we allow growth in all forms to take place. Germination is the silent tending of the spirit.