From the couch

Have a think about...

Let yourself  be chalenged this week by the letter X!  Think about challenges in your life.

Pull up a chair

We greet the letter X this week. The first focus will be on how are you an X factor? What defines the performance that is your life? The X factor is something we all have yet we are droned in mediocrity. Mass media kills this off. So, the challenge this week, is to look at your life and define that is the most defining act right now. It needs to be the performance of a life time. Lets stay with this image. Who are the judges in your X factor performance? If they are overly critical of you, let them go. It is quite telling that X is the Greek letter Chi. This ties in with the notion of anointing. To be anointed was to be made special and to sanctify one. With this in mind, how can you sanctify your experiences today, this week? Our answer is to give it your best shot. The dress rehearsal is over.