Journaling Part 2

Prompts for the week

MONDAY - Creator
TUESDAY - imagine
WEDNESDAY - naturally
THURSDAY - remember
FRIDAY - shadows
SATURDAY - expresso
SUNDAY - dreaming

Happy Journaling!!

What is Creative Journaling?

‘I have tremendous respect for pain, journaling honours that.’ - AL
‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’ – Chinese proverb

Journaling takes us on adventures of self-discovery that explore two different directions:
. deeper into the realm of the subconscious where we can clean house of personal issues, pains, patters, and reactions, and
. higher into the realms of our potential, where we can connect with intuition and Higher guidance  and uncover our essence and purpose.
Journaling helps us filter through our mental noise and ‘stuck’ programs. It allows us to safely get things off our chests. Once we empty out the mundane, we find the gems that have meaning.
Different journaling tools and exercises encourage us to think in different ways. Once we capture our thoughts on paper, we can explore different sides of our nature. We can identify beliefs that hold us back. We can glimpse our potential and then monitor ourselves realizing it. We can discover insights, creativity and wisdom, we didn’t know we had. We have all the wisdom we need inside of us already. Journaling give us the power to draw it out.

(PART 1)
Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at journaling – the various ways of keeping a journal.
Journaling is a powerful tool even when you do nothing more than write down your thoughts. But I want to show you how to use it to greatest advantage. I want you to know how to journal consciously. How to journal to meet your own individual needs. For when we JOURNAL ON PURPOSE, with an understanding of how it works, that’s when we discover how brilliant we really are!
With Creative journaling you will find that you can:
. express your feelings and thoughts
. play with new media of expression such as colour, images and symbols
. make more conscious choices and decisions
. define and implement changes
. get a clearer picture of your potential and how to use it
. deal with creative blocks and negative patterns
. enrich your relationship with yourself and others
. find deeper meaning in your life