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.Without the concept of growth we face stagnation. Look up the word in a dictionary  and you will be amazed at how many synonyms there are for this concept. We grow in maturity and grace.  There is a deep sense of empowerment in this word. We hear of growing pains and growth is sometimes painful. Yet, it has to be embraced to be of any significant gain. Let us  grab onto this  concept with  gratitude as it suggests that nothing is static and that change is as inevitable as the days turn into night.  Even if your notion of growth are grandiose, allow them to be as this natural enthusiasm will be transformed by time and develop into a gentle sense of purpose that will  allow a glint in your eye.

We’ll start with the question: Where have I been and how did I get here?

As you work with the prompts, keep thinking about your past and the stories you have built about yourself. Reflect on your personal journey to this point in your life)
 Monday: I am……
Tuesday:  I come from…
Wednesday: My family consist of….
Thursday: ……is important to me.
Friday: My nickname was….
Saturday: My favourite story about my childhood is…
Sunday: My not so favourite story is….
Take your journal for a coffee, add colour and see how the process unfold.

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