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        Greta's musings

Quote for the week:  I don’t work out. If God wanted us to bend over, He’d put diamonds on the floor. – Joan Rivers -

Hi, I am Greta your guru-guide for the week! I am graceful, gorgeous and grateful. I live with enthusiasm and colour. I am grateful for what I have. I am ready to receive all the good that Life has to offer me, and is ready to give from that abundant overflow. I open my mind, heart and soul to the Divine Presence of God. I say YES! And receive my good with ease, Grace and gratitude. Nothing is impossible. I gratefully go into each day; at times I do ruffle a few feathers for I appreciate myself for who I am. I like to take naps in different places. I love candles, drawing stair cases and gracefully elect to be electerrific!  I am generous, glamorous and generally just good.