ABC School of Journaling
Reclaiming playfulness as a way of being

About Us

ABC School of Journaling for Art junkies
Welcome to ABC School - a playful, philosophical place where we can  celebrate life and learn how to remove the blinders that prevent us from living creatively.
To quote Jill Badonsky: Possible effects will be liberated playfulness that results in a relaxed, creative, unhibited, very fun approach to life and all its stuff.
ABC School of Journaling offers a weekly lesson - teaching new techniques to make your journal the place where you always want to be. And yes, there will be homework ( it is a school after all!). Homework is to  challenge you to re design and re define old patterns and ways of doing life. 
 We endevour to inspire you to think more brilliantly and laugh more often.
You'll be invited to live more colourful thoughts and be reminded of the wonder of who you are. 

Virginia Trooper - If we can open your mind to laughter, we can slip in a little information

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